Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20th -Amish siting

Que tal familia? So this week flew by. It's been going really good and our days are full of appoinments with folks. We have a baptism scheduled for this Sunday but we don't think it will happen til next weekend. But all is well and we have other investigators that are working on baptismal dates.

This past week was miserable weather-wise. It's been hot and muggy. A lot of the houses don't run their AC that much so I sweat a lot during lessons and my ties are my handkerchiefs for now. But we have a car, Mazda 3 like the Bass's. We don't really walk very much because our area is so big and we have so many appointments that we need a car.

But ya, things are going good. We are working with this family that is the team we play today and every Thursday in softball. They're an awesome family and really die-hard baseball fans. They call me Derek Jeter and they like me so that's good.

The Spanish is going good. I still have a hard time understanding what the heck the people are saying but everything is going well. Oh, we had a district meeting in Allentown on Monday and it is about an hour drive over there. But the cool part was I actually got to see the country and we drove through Amish country. It was awesome. I saw my first Amish buggy and horse cruising down the shoulder of the highway. It was crazy. So that was the highlight of my week.

But thanks for the letters, they're awesome. Hope you guys are having fun and reading in the Book of Mormon. Hope you had a good birthday Blake. I tried celebrating with my companions but they weren't feeling it. Well, have a good week. Hasta ver. Love you guys.


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