Thursday, August 13, 2009

Man of Few Words

Looking ahead at how jam-packed Sundays are, I decided to make entries on Thursdays because that is the day we get an email from Chase. So far, he hasn't sent us any letters so that's good that he is too busy to write.

Here is his August 13th email:

Como esta? Well, I aint go much time so I'll be brief. (We had asked him some questions. I need to ask him if he walks or rides a bike). The church is about four miles away, we eat our own food and at members' houses, I sleep good, we write at the library. But ya, this last week was awesome. We had a really successful week and taught a lot of people. There are a few with baptismal dates so it's going good.

But one quick story for you. We went to Luis's house and Luis is a recent convert and his wife is a member. But Luis looks just like the guy on Men in Black who the alien at the beginning of the show disguises himself as. But anyways, we knock forever on his door and then the wife comes to the door. We walk in and Luis is down the hallway, head between his hands on the table, looking down. We walk in and start talkin to him. After all is settled, he feels a lot better and he told us all this stuff he'd done in the past and also that he was just about to leave his wife and then we walked in and we looked like angels to him. We game him a blessing and then left. But it was a really cool experience.

But things are going good. I'm pickin up on what they're sayin when they ramble on a million miles an hour so that's a good sign. My companions and I are gettin along good so everything is good. But love you guys and have a good one. Today we have a softball game that is awesome. We played last week too and it's the real city baseball game experience except that everything is in Spanish. The church is true. Love you guys.


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