Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transferred to South Philly

hey guys,

you wont believe how awesome this past week was. i have seen so many different things it is unbelievable. we had a wedding on friday, that was ok, then the baptism on sunday, which was great. a member baptized the three of em so it was really neat. i took a lot of pictures so ill work on getting em developed. but then friday i got a call from the zone leaders that i was gonna get transfered. so i packed a little saturday and then sunday as well. we had a great time going around to all the people and taking pictures and saying good bye.

then that night i get a call from president murray telling me that im going to be district leader, but i dont know where. so then we go to transfer meeting on monday, find out im goin to South Philly and am the DL too. haha it was so crazy man. so right now i am in philly at a library writing you guys and it is so crazy here. haha i wish you could see all this stuff here and how fun the people are. there are a ton of asians, no dominicans or puerto ricans, just mexicans, and a lot of thugs. but it is so cool.

we live in a two story house and from the top window you can see the skyscrapers of philly. this area is so crazy man, we have SEPTA passes to all buses and underground trains so i feel like a tourist man. the stadiums, center city, everything cool is in this area. the church is in a business building and is pretty small. we are smaller than a branch and there are a lot of in-active members here. its going to be tough and things are crazy man. haha its so cool.

but in our house the hot water went out the day before i got here so ive been taking freezing cold baths, theres not enough pressure for showers, every morning. we do have good exercise stuff though so all is well. but things are really good and sorry i dont have much time. ill try to write a letter today if wee find time. but its hard to focus because im always looking around or up so im gonna have some cool experiences coming up. no more of my people from the dominican republic.

but you guys take care and have a great week. love yall. chase

oh its not too cold here either, it was warm yesterday, but tell brother wright that his coat is awesome and i like it a lot. peace

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