Monday, August 30, 2010

Even a Popsicle Needs a Home


Things are going great. This morning we went to City Hall in the center of the city to get the marraige license for Sandra and Dennis who are getting married this weekend and then baptized so it was exciting. So things are going good and we have Zone Conference this week so it will be great. But with the addresses, I give the Broomall address to everyone else to write too but you guys can have my home address. I get your letters every thursday at our apartment on allegheny and thats because you guys are consistent. Everyone else I have no idea when theyre going to write me so I give them the Mission office address and i get it about every two weeks. so thats that.

blake if i were you i would just try and have fun with the situation you got in football. I remember I hated my 8th grade season of football at first but then afterwards I just accepted the fact that I was a wimp and couldnt play Heavyweights so why not show these other lightweights that I am the man.

I dont need anything though thanks anyways mom, but I got a box today from USPS so ill probably send it to you guys this week with some gifts. But things are going great and we have only a few more weeks of hot weather and then otono viene (autumn). Yesterday after church we contacted a guy that we met at an activity we had at the church that was friends of a member. We show up to his address and his house was a popsicle factory. He is this guy from Mexico who has a popsicle business here in philly. So we taught him in his little popsicle factory and ate popsicles. It was sweet. Well I hope you guys have a good week and work hard and play hard. I wrote a letter to Arnie and Sunny today, and no i havent got any letters from them. But have a good one and recuerdate del amor de fily.


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