Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Answers Some Questions


1. Yes, Elder Glover was the Hannah Montana blanket guy

2. P-Day changed because the missionary department in Salt Lake says that mondays are the best days to have P-Day so President changed it to go more in line with the Church program.

3. The wedding and baptism was awesome yesterday. They really received a lot of support from the members and we had a lot of investigators there too. But the wedding was quick and sweet right before sacrament meeting in one of the side rooms. Then the baptism afterwards was great. There were about 30 people that came to the baptism, most of them for the food, but it was a great experience for everyone. I was able to baptize the husband and my companion baptized the wife. I was a little nervous at first because this was the first time I'd ever actually baptized someone. But I felt just like I was getting ready for a big game or something. I was thinking why am I nervous? Why do I have the butterflies? So then when we got into the water I got a little more nervous because the water was only up to in between my mid thigh and belt so I was thinking I gotta dunk this guy. Luckily we only had to do it one time and his feet didnt come up. But it was an awesome experience and they are really are excited.

4. Easton PA is up north about an hour and a half. Close to Nazareth or Allentown. Its right on the border of PA and NJ so the Elders live in NJ but cross the bridge everday. It was a really pretty place.

5. We dont work in Camden at all. Just went there for exchanges with those Elders. Camden is pretty dead and dirty. There are a lot of drugs there and a lot of the people dont work there.

But things are going great and we are going to Atlantic City tonight for an exchange with them. Also we are going to West Chester later this week. There are only two more weeks in the transfer so we'll see what happens. They are going to have a 3 day training for all the leaders in the mission this week and next week. we go next week so it will be a great learning experience living in the mission home for 3 days and doin a lot of stuff. This next transfer they are going to dissolve our spanish zone into the geographic areas so next transfer I might be like a traveling Elder with lots of exchanges and less teaching and finding. So we'll see what happens but have a good week you guys. You should probably go do something outdoors with the trees changing and the weather coolin down. but thanks for your support and have a good one.

oh by the way go check out youtube and a video "philadelphia mission" or something like that. its a video they made for President Murray and im in it. also i might be having a facebook account soon for missionary purposes only. we are one of two missions in the world that they are trying this out with missionarys. we will be able to teach and share things from mormon.org and mormon messages with people. it should be really cool. philly love


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