Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Demons, Snakes and Frogs


This is the week when we go to the mission home for three days for this new leadership training meeting and then on thursday to friday we'll be in Bridgeton with the spanish Elders there. Transfers are this next week on Monday but I'll get youre letter so dont worry about it, just do it. I don't think I'll be leaving because my companion has already been here for 4 transfers so its about time for him to go. But the time is flying, I realized yesterday that it was already the end of week 5 in the transfer and also General Conference is in two weeks.

Thats pretty cool Raymond is going already and is ready to leave. I hope he has a good time in the MTC down there. This past week was really good and we had a lot of crazy experiences from being in the same house as a lady who was posessed by a demon, to catching a snake on a road in West Chester, to confirming someone at Church yesterday. It was nuts. We had our Zone Training on Thursday and it went really well. We did a good job and the Elders really enjoyed it. I tried to help us with our role play and so we did kind of like a personal film session after the practice we did. I tried to impliment the benefits I got from watching film Saturday mornings after football games. It was neat. But then I was in West Chester with an Elder from Utah and it was a good exchange. We talked a lot about how we can enjoy the work and not just be robots. So when we were driving to an appointment one night on this mountainous road, it was really pretty over there, frogs were jumping all over the road so some we would hit and some they'd just go right under us. So I had the Elder stop us at the next frog we saw because I was going to catch it. He stopped and I backed him up so we could see the road, night time, but then as he's backing up I see this long stick looking thing and realize its a snake. He stops with his lights on the snake and I caught it, we took a picture and left, never found the frog.

Then yesterday I was able to confirm Dennis who was baptized last week. It was a cool experience and I was a little nervous at first because I was afraid of what would happen and if I'd get the wording right. But then when we went up to the front and we put our hands on his head, it was just peaceful and I just began to talk. He was glowing red afterwards and later in the priesthood meeting he got the priesthood. So he will baptize his daughter this next Sunday and is really excited about that.

Blake dont get down with your wrist or basketball ok? Dont worry about what happens, just worry about how you are doing personally and if you are doing your best. Try not to compare yourself with others because that will just make you get down. I have that problem as a missionary because sometimes I look at others who know so much about how to do things and then I feel like I cant do it. Last week I was a little worried about my spanish because I wasnt as good as other Elders with speaking like a Puerto Rican. That made me have a horrible day because I was always thinking about how my spanish is and I struggled. So then I just decided to just talk and not worry about it and I had no problems with spanish. So just listen to "I got soul but Im not a Soldier" and youll be alright.

So things are going good and we had a great past week. Things are going to be changing a lot as to what I'll be doing next transfer and how because I dont really know yet. But you guys have a good week and we'll talk to you next week. Philly Love


?Did you get my package?

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