Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Changes and Traveling


Well Sarah I think that for looking that good you might get someone to pay for your dinner. Dad you look like you got a little more tinsel in your hair, but you look good. Might be able to beat me up when I get back.

But this week has been pretty good and man it was a lot of great experiences. We were in the three day training last week and that was a great opportunity to learn and be with other missionaries. We had a great training and it was just over the new curriculum that the MTC will be training missionaries on and that we'll be putting into practice with our District Meetings. So then after that we went to Bridgeton, NJ with my good buddy Elder Lake and his companion. It was a good exchange and the area was great. Elder Lake and I were able to talk about how we need to control our thoughts and not think about farming or other things when we get home. We dont think about them that much just that we think about them now and then and it needs to be decreased because our time is winding down as missionaries. But his companion is a project. His companion was one of the New Jersey missionaries and the majority of them were horribly disobedient so this Elder has given Elder Lake a rough time with every rule. It was a good exchange though and we learned some new stuff and took pictures on an old Farmall tractor out back of where the Elders live so I'll have to send you my card soon.

We had a good week though and things went really well with church and meetings and then today with transfer meeting. Im still here in the same area and still have my same companion so it will be a good six weeks. We are no longer in a threesome so thats good. I am going to really have to pray a lot though and have more love this transfer to be able to help us as a companionship come closer together. Thanks for your support guys and I hope you are having a good week and do good in your activities. Blake, why dont you play football with a cast/club on? you should still be able to play. If youre not gonna be able to play, get your hunters license and a four wheeler and have Brooks take you out to the mountains. But have a good week and remember el amor.


On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 1:34 PM, Daryl Nielson wrote:

Are you still a Zone Leader? Are you just a regular companionship.?
What is your current role?

We are still "Zone Leaders" but there is no zone. So in the next six weeks we will be doing exchanges with all the spanish elders in the mission and then we also might do a training on just spanish and culture. So we are basically traveling Elders without numbers and the responsabliliy of a zone. We will only be in our area for about 2 or 3 days out of the week and then we'll be living on the road out of our suitcases. It will be a lot of planning

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