Monday, October 4, 2010

Pretty Good General Conference


This past week was pretty good and ya it rained a lot, so much that a town out in West Philly was flooded and so we were driving last Friday morning to go to a meeting we had in Broomall and it took us forever because all the roads were diverted into one and the traffic was really bad with a lot of sirens. I am not sick, havent got sick at all so dont worry. I found a bottle of Airborne that I saved from last winter and so I used that last week. Sister Schafermeyer is having all the missionarys in the mission get flu shots so I will get mine this week or next week from CVS or somewhere.

We were able to have a pretty good General Conference. It was the first time I watched the whole thing in Spanish. The last two times we didn't have members that came to the Church to watch so we just watched it in English. So it was interesting but still I was able to understand basically everything. Some of the jokes from President Monson werent translated correctly or not at all so it was a little disappointing but still great Conference. I loved the talk by President Monson about Gratitude. That was a sweet story that he shared about the family on the farm without electricity and his wife washing clothes and dishes all the time. Also I really enjoyed the talk from Elder Scott and how we can develop our Character. I thought that the Conference was great and that right from the get go it started running. With the Welcome from President Monson I was really impressed how he talked about missionaries and how we all need to prepare ourselves to serve missions. It put things in perspective for me how the mission has really helped me and how lucky I am to be here right now. I thought about how I did a lot of stupid stuff earlier and how I always was able to know through others good examples, that I needed to go on a mission and that I needed to go to the Temple and that I needed to keep the commandments and read the Book of Mormon. I felt really bad though for those of my friends that weren't able to experience this stuff for themselves. Steven Gabrielsen for example, I thought how hard that must be for him to be home and know that his friends are out here on missions. So serving a mission is very important and we all must have the mentality of getting ourselves or our kids or our friends on missions.

I am going to make a facebook account this week, so Sarah I might be your friend. But this does not mean that we can talk and see how each other is doing. One of you guys, and I can all be in on a chat or something and talk about the gospel and send each other links to mormon messages or something. This is the goal but remember its not for keeping in contact with each other, so dont tell other people. My area is the whole world so I can be friends with anyone. So think about people we can help and then we'll try and figure it out to start teaching them through facebook.

You guys are awesome and I hope you have a good week and go ride some four wheelers or something. Sarah I hope you didnt get your first kiss from Connor Johnson because I'll give you a hard time about that for a long time if you did. Brooks you look skinny man, I hope you dont get mad when I get home and whip you into shape. Have a good week.



(A member told me that Utah State beat BYU. Thats awesome)

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