Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coco Juice, Yellow Rice & Beans=Dominican Republic


Thats a pretty good looking picture "Brooks." No thats pretty cool that you guys did that and had a good time. I was wondering though about that other four wheeler in the picture with the 400, did you get another one? That might be a good idea.

But this past week was pretty good. Yesterday we couldnt write because all the libraries were closed and we had to go play some b-ball. Last week we went on exchanges in Allentown and Reading. It was really neat being in Reading again because I was able to show the Elders there were some of the people are and less active members that they didnt know. Those Elders havent been in the area for too long so they had no idea who people were. I was able to see some of my old buddies from the ward in a meeting we had and that was really good. The family that Elder Bateman and I baptized last November, the dad was there at the meeting and he is on fire. They are going to the Temple soon to do their Endowments and have already been a few times for Baptisms for the dead. It was really cool though to see them and made me feel good for the work that I have done on my mission.

Nothing really has changed, just we had a great past week and I was able to have a good time. I went on splits with a member of our ward last week and he's an older guy from DR and is basically my uncle. But we had a great time together and taught a lot of our investigators in about five hours. I was able to learn a lot about his life and also about the DR. For you guys to get the full Dominican experience you got to get some Coco Juice or Coco Agua that has the little chunks of fresh coconut in it and then have yourself some yellow rice and beans, then some meat on top. Just a little greasy but man just makes you feel good. But things are going good and time is flying by. We have three exchanges this week in New Jersey and once again I'll be going to Atlantic City so it will be fun.

Have a good week and practice your basketball skills. I played for the first time yesterday in about two months and it was rusty at first but then it loosened out. I love doing stuff like that here because it helps me relax and not become so missionary robot like and take my mind off of all the things we have to do. So all is well, I got to play some basketball and show people that Idahoans can shoot a ball. Have a good one and remember the little things that mean so much: family prayer, kneeling as a family, family dinner, family scripture study, family home evening, and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. You guys are awesome and have a good week. Adios amigos les quiero mucho


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