Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Jersey: Bridgeton, Vineland and Atlantic City

Hola Familia Nielson,

We had a good past week. I havent heard much about the Phillys because its not as big up here in North Philly as it was down in South Philly. The people up here are more focused on other things than baseball. We were in New Jersey and had some good exchanges with Bridgeton, Vineland and Atlantic City. We were able to teach a lot and help these Elders out with their areas. A lot of stuff is going on right now and we are always having to plan stuff out. We have a spanish training tomorrow that we will be doing and it will be about 6 hours long. It took us a whole afternoon to plan it and I about killed my companion because it took so long. But we got it done and tomorrow is game day. We have all the Spanish Elders in the mission coming to Philly and the focus is on Spanish and how we work as spanish missionaries.

On Saturday our ward took a trip to the DC Temple and my companion went with another Elder because they taught one of the guys who got his endownments. But also the family that we baptized last month went to the Temple and it was a really good experience for them. Also there was one of our investigators that went and she really liked it so it was a good uplifting experience for all. So things are going good and time is flying by with all these exchanges that we are doing. I dont really like it that much though because youre not immersed in the work and your area. You dont always have personal study time because youre on the road and its harder to keep in contact with your investigators throughout the week. Its fun but on the other hand its kind of a burden. I would much rather just be in some area with a little branch and we have to walk five miles everyday. But we'll see what happens and if President keeps us as we are right now. Thanks for the pictures, those are pretty neat and you guys look good, except for that kid with the braces. No you guys look good and keep up the good work. Good luck this week in your race Brooks and Sarah you should go to Utah State so that you can learn how to ski from me.

Have a good week, el amor, Go Phillies


Hola otra vez

Raymon wrote me and said that the food you sent him really helped him out and that you guys were awesome. So thanks for doing that it encouraged him. But Sarah I cant be your friend on Facebook until you find someone that we can teach. If you can get us hooked up with Brady or some non member that is interested in learning about the gospel then we can be friends. But Im not going to be your friend until you find someone that we can help. I might be getting rid of the facebook account anyways because I hate it. Its such a waste of time and I have to write a blog about Church stuff too. So its good and all but I would rather do something else than write about what I think about a gospel principle. Have a good week though and let me know when you find someone we can teach. El Amor


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