Thursday, August 19, 2010

Open House at Church

Hola amigos,

everything is good and the same. I went and bought the Elders in the Southern area of NOrth Philly two tires and a tube because they were jumped on tuesday becuase they were walking and not on bikes. they didnt get hurt or anything just lost the phone and 30 dollars. but they dont wnat to ride the bikes becuase one of the bikes has a flat tire and its tires are really bald. so they were waiting on the service elders to give em tires and a tube but the mission is over budget and doestn have any extras so i just went and bought em for em yesterday.

but the weather here is awesome. its been like october weather or fall weather, just nice and cool and not too humid. we dont have to wear our suits until General Conference so we still have time. with transfers and everything just the zone leaders make suggestions as to who could be where and then the APs and the President make all the decisions.

so on monday we had our transfers meeting and it was good. Elder Azero and I are still here in the same area but we got a third companion. Elder Munson is our new companion and he was my companion about 3 months ago in South Philly. He is struggling right now so they put him with us to try and help him find more joy in being here.

Sorry about the texts from Hno Falconi last week. we helped him out one day with painting and he took pictures of us so he's been wanting to send em to you so i gave him your number. but dont text him anymore.

its been a great week though and we had a lot of great experiences. On Saturday we had our open house activity in the church and it was great. Saturday was uplifting and spiritual high all day long. we woke up at 430 to go put the finishing touches on the church and then at 8am we had a meeting in Broomall with Elder Pearson from the 70. It was a group of about 40 missionarys from the Philadelphia and Valley Forge areas that he talked to and it was awesome. it was one of the best meetings i have had on my mission and it really inspired me to do more and study more. then we got back to philly at about 1030 and there were members there getting stuff ready also. we then had some people come and we gave them tours of the church and everything. it was an awesome experience and we the mormon messages from the internet really touched people. but all of saturday was just a big smile and a lot of bonding time with the members. After the open house there was a dinner in the ward for a family leaving so we were in the church basically all day helping people out.

But things are going great and this month is flying by. Happy Birthday Blake. I got a package for you that ill try and send this week, if not then the next. but have a great week you guys and enjoy the time you have before school starts.

philly love


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