Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome Lesson with a Family

Helo, como tu estas?

Well this has been a very fast and good week. we had interviews on tuesday with President Schafermeyer and it was pretty good. He is a good guy and really focused on us strengthening our testimonies and relationships with God. We talked about some changes that are going to happen in the zone and then he just asked about who i was and what i like to do. It was a good interview and i got to brag about my family so it was good.

This past week has been good though with teaching people. we found a family last week from a member and on Sunday the mom came to church. then on tuesday we saw them and it was an awesome lesson. they are from Puerto Rico and have this light in their eyes that they know it is true. they told us that after we left their house the last week when we taught them, that they felt this peace and feeling that they knew was from us. So on tuesday when we saw them they were so happy to see us and told us all the things they learned from reading Enos in the Book of Mormon and all these other questions they had. it was a great lesson and they asked us about marriage and how they know they are living in sin without being married. the dad then told us that they want to do this and they want to change their way of life. it was really cool. so they are doing pretty good and we're going to see them tonight.

Being a Zone Leader is pretty fun. The only difference is you dont have to prepare District Meetings each week for monday and you are always talking to the District Leaders. Each night we talk with 2 or 3 and see how things are going so its been great to get to know the other Elders more personally and gain thier trust. one of the Elders asked me how he could maintain his weight because he was afraid of losing more so that kind of hit me as a moment where i had gained the trust of him.

One of our District Leaders is from Blackfoot, Idaho and he is my best buddy here in the mission. hes a farm boy and his dad has about 15000 head of beef that they feed and sell. We are planning on rooming together at Utah State when we get back. but its great being out here with some of these guys that i would never have met or been friends with before. The mission really helps you change and learn about yourself. you guys are awesome and have a good week.

tranquilo, con amor.


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