Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trees, Hills, Tractors and Cows

hola cuates.

this has been a fast week and an awesome week full of work. we had a great sunday and were able to get a lot of investigators to church. then on monday we went to my old home of south philly and went to the District Meeting there. it was good to talk to the elders who are there right now and help them out in person and not over the phone.

then after the meeting we drove to Allentown PA and had an exchange with Elder Lake and Elder Perez. it was awesome and i had a great time. Elder Lake and I have got some plans together after the mission but we had a great time working together for the first time. we were put in the path of a lady who was crying because her kids didnt love her, we taught her and gave her the Book of Mormon. then we taught talked to a lot a people and played with a turtle while talking to the lady. we taught one guy and extended a baptismal date which was awesome. it was great to see how important our questions are and how the Spirit is the teacher. but the best part of the exchange was being able to see trees and hills and tractors and cows for the first time in about 8 months. also i got to drive for the first time so that was great. then yesterday we had an exchange with the APs and it was good. so things are going good and time is flying by.

on tuesday we went on splits and while i was with the member we were talking to this guy on his steps and then he got distracted by some kids yelling at the end of the block. there were two girls fighting and a bunch of kids around them. the guy we were talking to just ignored us and then took off to watch the fight. it was rediculous to see the people look like animals. the two girls were locked onto each others hair and then pulling and it looked like two deer buttin heads. it was messed up to see the people cheering and everyone howling around them like hyenas. the member and i just turned around and walked the other way and went and taught this mexican guy whos pentecostal. it was a very frustrating lesson because he wouldnt let us talk or answer his questions so we made it quick and got out of there.

We're teaching a family though who have a baptismal date and they are awesome. theyre from puerto rico and love the Book of Mormon and the Church. they told us last time they want to go to the Temple with the ward trip. so maybe in a year from now ill be back here with them going to the Temple. thanks for your support though and your love. you guys are great and are doing awesome. you should send me a picture so i can compare how you guys have grown in one year. have a good week. con el amor de fily


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