Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Four Dinners for Thanksgiving


Thats too bad that you had to have separate Thanksgivings but thats good you were able to have one. We had a great Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun this past week. We were able to go play football with an english ward up north about 45 minutes from here and it was a shock to see a bunch of white kids and youth playing with adults. It was a great game though and it snowed a little bit too so that was cool. Then we had four dinner appointments that we went to and only ate at two of them. It was really fun though and we had a good time with the four different families. Afterwards though when we got home I wasnt feeling good at all and so I tried going to the bathroom but that didnt help, we didnt have any peptobismal so then I just decided to throw up. So I threw up and that made me feel a lot better. But then in the middle of the night I woke up and was feeling horrible again. So I went to the bathroom and made myself throw up again and this time it was a ton of stuff that came up. I felt so good afterwards though so then I just went back to bed and we had a regular next day.

We had a ward Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday and that was great also. We had some of our investigators come and they had a good time. It was great though to be with the members and recent converts and eat a lot of food. Things are going really good though and the people we are teaching are doing really good. We are going to have some changes though in the future with three companionships here in the ward (all spanish ward) so that means that I could be moving to another area in a couple of weeks. I got your package last week mom, thanks, I havent opened them yet except for the shirt because it was already partly opened. Things are going really good and we had a great last week. It was fun playing football though and being outside on a grass football field. It took us all a few dropped passes and duck throws to get back in the swing of things but it was a good time and no one got hurt so all is well. This week we are going back to Reading for an exchange and so that will be good to see some people and the area. We went to Bridgeton, NJ this past week and did an exchange with the Elders there. It was really good and had some good lessons learned and good Mexican people. I'll write a letter to you mom about the differences between here and there for Christmas. This morning we went to the Rocky Steps for exercise and it was great. Have a good week and take care. el amor de fily


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