Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Spirit and Spirit of Christmas


Those are some good pictures. I wish it would do that here in Philly and cover all the bad stuff on the streets. Is that a new truck? Its grey and looks different?

But sounds like you guys are doing really good and enjoyed the Christmas program last night. I really loved it. The music was the best part. It is amazing how the Spirit is so easily invited with music and hymns. My favorite was the O come all ye faithful.

But this week was really good and we taught a ton of people and found almost 20 new investigators that are strong. One family we found of eight is awesome and we've taught em twice but they probably will have to go over to the english elders because they dont read spanish. Sorry I cant think right now because we had a big problem this morning where another Elder threw a fit because he didnt want to go buy food in the store we wanted. So I just got back from taking him to another store and he bought his stuff. I almost lost it with him though because he was being so stubborn and on the verge of crying.

Its going to be a good day though and we have some plans to go to the city with a member and buy some stuff my companions need. Im going to try and send you guys a package this week with some stuff in it. But keep up the good work and have a good week. We went to Reading this past week on an exchange and it was awesome to see one family that I love and they were really excited to see me and told me I looked more like a man now, not a little boy. But that was a great exchange and we were able to help out the Elders too. Its getting colder and we are having to bundle up now. My one companion is from Texas so he is always cold and doesnt like walking outside that much. The Christmas party for us is this next week so dont worry about it mom thanks. You guys are awesome and this is a great time to be alive. We have a lot to be grateful for and need to help others out. I realized this past week how great the restored gospel is and how real and true this Plan is. So I really enjoyed last night and the devotional. Adios amigos, no come la nieve amarilla. (means don't eat the yellow snow) el amor de fily


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