Monday, December 20, 2010

Transferred and Transformed to English


Things have been crazy these past four days. On Friday I got transferred to Reading PA again but the only difference is that instead of speaking spanish I am now an English Elder, just because we are the zone leaders. But so I am back where I started and it is great to see a lot of people and the area. My eyes have been opened though to the mission and missionary work. English people are so different and its a lot harder to get people to listen to you.

On Saturday we went to Wyomissing and tracted on these houses that cost probably half a million. I was so scared and felt really out of place. But we were able to teach to a few people and also have some straight up rejections. I havent experienced rejection that much on my mission so when we were getting the doors actually slammed on our face or the people being rude to us, I was shocked. I still am feeling a little out of place but its good. I am learning a lot though so its good. I need you to send me out my old pair of scriptures (in english) with the leather bound and the pictures put ontop of certain verses. That would help me out a lot, thanks. But I am a shy person I have found out. I dont have the same confidence with talking to people as I do in spanish. Everytime I speak to someone in spanish I have more energy and I feel more of myself, but with english I have a hard time opening up and teaching them in the same way. So this is going to be good for me. At first I was really mad and sad for leaving my last area but this is going to be good.

Yesterday at church it was really interesting because we were able to get to know everyone and then they announced my name wrong as Elder Williams, but the craziest thing happened. The daughter of the Millers in your ward and her husband from Delta were at church yesterday. They walked in and I had to look twice to recognize them. They came up to visit some friends who live in our ward and so they came to church yesterday and we had a good talk and conversation. They told me Nate is getting married in two days and also Chantelle got married already. Thats crazy. You guys havent told me a lot of stuff, thats good. But things are going good and we are going to have a good week.

For this weekend, I will call you Friday night and let you know when we can talk on Saturday because I dont know what our plans are right now. But prepare your questions and I want to talk about school a little bit to figure out what I need to do to register and that stuff. My new address is 555 Pearl St #103 Reading, PA 19602. You guys are great and have a good week. Hay los vidrios


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