Sunday, January 2, 2011



How tall are you now Brooks? You look like a twin of Raymon but just the tall skinny version of him. Raymon is doing pretty good down there in Vegas. He said that he really likes the members and that at anytime he could leave for Brasil. The only bad thing is that he is speaking english instead of portugese. But that was good talking to you guys and its funny how Brooks, Blake and Sarah change but you guys (mom and dad) still seem to be the same. I thought that was a good call though and that our family es el miymbe as they would say in the DR (The best of the best). It was a good Christmas and I really enjoyed talking to you guys. After that though my day kind of went down hill because the two appointments that we had were really socially weird and hard to enjoy. The two families were a little different and the in-laws were over at the first house so the father of the house was really irritated and they were just weird people. But it was a good Christmas and we had a good time.

The storm hit yesterday while we were in Church and it snowed until this morning. We got about 4 inches and it wasnt really that bad. The wind was blowing pretty good though so it was fun being outside last night while the wind was howling and the snow was falling. The only problem is that none of the Elders are big snow fans and so when I started throwing snow balls at them this morning, they just kind of growled and didnt want to play in it. I guess its just because they are afraid of my Greg Maddox pitching arm. But this will be a good week and we have a football game in the ward on New Years Day. Have a good one and have fun in the snow.

el amor,


How did you like the Malta and Agua de Coco? He sent these drinks in a package and maybe they taste good with rice and beans but they weren't very good. The Malta was like drinking carbonated molasses and Agua de Coco means coconut water and that's just what it is. Water with little floaties of slimy coconut pieces.

oh and I forgot to mention to you Brooks how in the Johnsons package to me, Logan mentioned that I need to come home so that I can pull him behind the four wheeler because for some odd reason he thinks I do it better. Hmm maybe some practice would help out

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