Monday, January 3, 2011

Encounter with Wicken and Police


From those pictures it looks like Santa spent a lot of time at Cabelas this year. This was a pretty good week and we were able to have a lot of different experiences. Earlier in the week we went tracting in this neighborhood and no one wanted to listen to us. Then one lady opens the door and comes outside to talk to us. She ended up being a "wicken" that beleives in the sun, moon, and nature. She was really an interesting person and had some crazy beliefs.

But then we knock on this door about three houses down and this young family comes to the door. We say hello and then hear this person behind us, we turn around and theres this cop car in the street and the officer is coming up the drive way with his flash light asking for our permits. We told the family sorry and went down to the street to talk to this police officer. He starts questioning us about why we dont have a permit to knock door to door and what the heck we're doing out here from Idaho and Utah. So he took down our information and gave us a warning, but kicked us out of the township. Someone had called the cops on us and told them that we were selling stuff. It was a little shocking and I was sick of these stupid white people but then we left and had a great night with one of our investigators accepting a baptismal date. But we called President Schaefermeyer and gave him some information about the police officer and President is going to look into it and figure it out.

So that was the crazyiest thing that happened this week but other than that things went really good and we were able to have a good time and found some great new investigators. On New Years we had to come in early for the night and so we planned and then ordered some pizza and had our own little New Years party until 10:00. Then on New Years Day we were able to have a good morning with a football game. Some of our ward members invited us to go play football with some non members so we went and it was great. It was fun to play with guys that knew how to play and then to show them that people from Idaho can play too. These Pennsylvannia boys may be a little stockier but they aint that good. We had a good time though and gained some good trust with the members. I hope your guys have a good week and dont get discouraged with school. Last night we taught this less active who is 17 and he is struggling with school and hardly ever goes. I told him how important it was and could see how rough life would be without an education. So keep it up and have a good week. hay los vidrios.

el amor


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