Monday, January 10, 2011

Missing the Hispanics


Que lo que tigre? esta todo? Today we are going to clean the apartment and then do something in Reading. This morning we washed our clothes in our apartment and then we came here to the library to write. We studied from 8 to 10 though and then left. Tonight we are having some of our investigators over to a members house and we're going to have a family home evening with them and then play a game. We have are starting to set up a lot of appointments with members so that we can eat and also so that we can get them involved in missionary work. We have spent a lot of time tracting the past three weeks. Its been the most tracting I've done my whole mission I think. A township is just like a little branch of a city. A town about the size of Delta that surrounds Reading.

This was a good week and we were able to have some good success in finding new investigators. We found this older couple that are in their 50s and they are really interested in the Book of Mormon and prophets. We had a lesson with a new investigator last night and he lives in a house that is huge and is from the 1700's. They are really well off people and we are teaching one of the sons that lives in the house. We found out last night that he is doing a comparison of the Bible and the Book of Mormon so he will be in for a ride this week as we meet with him and he reads the Book of Mormon.

This has been a great time to be in Reading though and see the spanish members and also investigators that I taught before. It is the best feeling in the world to see these people that I taught or helped after a long time of not seeing them. They light up and get all excited and I do the same. Its great and these are the most joyful times that I've had the past few weeks. Its been really hard not to get down though and wish that I could go back to spanish. Everytime I am with the english ward or just with people that are hard for me to love, I immediately turn to thoughts of wanting to be with hispanic people. So that has been the big struggle lately and Im working a lot on trying to love the people and serve them. I have no problem with the members in our ward but just the difference I see between the spanish branch that meets before us, and then to see where I am at and with whom I'm with, its hard. But things are going good and I am improving. We have a good week planned out so it will be fun. Have a good time you guys and keep up the good work.

Hay los vidrios. el amor


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