Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Bubble


The first time I drank that coconut water I didnt like it at all, but then the second time I had it I fell in love with it so it comes with patience. The Malta took over a year of refusing it to finally enjoy it. When I first tried it I didnt like it so then I would always refuse to get it, but then someone gave me a bottle and I went for it with a "positive" attitude and then I enjoyed it. So try them again.

I got the package from the Kroupas and tell them thanks. I'll write them a letter this week or next week. With the whole facebook thing I discontinued my account after about three weeks of doing it. I felt like I was wasting so much time and that it was pointless becuase all the people that I was teaching didnt have facebook. So I dont have the facebook anymore and you dont have to worry about it.

This past week was really great and also pretty disappointing. We were disappointed in our results for the week and no one came to church so that was bad. But it was a great week because I was able to see a lady and her husband get baptized yesterday that I started teaching over a year ago when I first came here to Reading in the spanish branch. It was great to see the people that were new in the Church back then, lead and direct this baptismal service for their friends. Also we went down to Broomall this week for a Zone Leader Council with all the leaders in the mission and President. It was really great to see some buddies and also to see an old companion Elder Glover (Hannah Montana). He almost had to go home because of his knee and problems that he has had. But it made me so happy to be with those guys and get out of this little bubble of where I am right now. It was a great experience to get the package from the Kroupas because I was able to see people that I dont know anything about and to see that they are doing good. Being with my companion and how he is from Provo and a BYU person, I have gotten this perspective of only affiliating with mormon people and only talking about that stuff, mostly because we're missionarys. My companion is a great guy and Im not talking bad about him, just that he doesn't know the outside world. I was really grateful when I got that package from the Kroupas that my best friends are not mormon and that Im not the type of person that only keeps to LDS people. I realized that life is really great and there are a lot of really great people here.
So thanks you guys for trying the juices and hope you have a good week. We have a busy week with a training we have to do and also more exchanges. Today we are going to play basketball and thank goodness. I am dieing just sitting in our apartment reading and writing letters on P-days. Have a good week and suavecito por alli.

El amor de fily


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