Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Transferred :o(


Yes I am going to be transferred this week. I about killed the Assistant when he told me but yes I will be leaving on Friday because thats when transfers are. The flights out are too expensive or busy or something like that so they have to leave Saturday instead of Tuesday. So I wouldnt send the letter to the Allegheny address. I will be leaving on the 7 of June. Dont put too much thought into it. (We don't understand this too well. Is he flying somewhere or talking about when he comes home?)

This past week was great. We were able to have a lot of success in our area and help our investigators with their needs. This next transfer is going to be crazy because they are going to split my area into two areas and then they will have three sets of missionaries in the ward instead of two, and none of the companionships will have a car. So we have been preparing the area for this change and getting our investigators prepared to continue progressing towards baptism. Things are on fire here in the area though and I am really sad to leave. In the next two months we have a possible 10 baptisms and a couple weddings. So these new missionaries are going to have it good and not have to worry too much about being in a new area.

Today my buddy here at the library was rubbing it in my face how the Cowboys lost to the Eagles yesterday. Last week I was talking a little smack to him as he read the newspaper. But this past week we went to Vineland, NJ and it was a great exhange. I hadnt been around Mexicanos in a long time and so it was really great to be with them again and cough because the food the lady was cooking was so spicy.

This week we have a zone conference tomorrow that is basically like a Christmas party so it will be interesting to see what happens. Then on Friday we have the Transfers Meeting and I will find out where I am going. This is going to be a rough week though with a lot of good byes. Hope you guys have a good week and dad don't get sick over there in Romania.

El Amor de Fily.


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