Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans


Thats really neat that its going to be so cold over there. I'm hoping for the snow to come soon because now the city is really dark and ugly. It isnt that cold but you still need to wear a jacket.

This past week was awesome with all the things that we accomplished. We really focused on committing people and we were able to see the fruits by a ton of miracles. The best part of the week was yesterday when we were at church one of our former investigators who was progressing randomly showed up to church. I saw her son of 8 years and asked him if his mom came and he told me yes. I looked up and there she was walking in the door just glowing with happiness. It was such a sweet feeling and when I shook her hand I just wanted to give her a big hug because she looked so happy. It turns out though that she came to church finally because she never had a skirt before. Then she somehow got a skirt and came to church yesterday. So we're going to start working with her again and helping her get baptized.

Things are going really good though and I realized yesterday how much this ward has become a part of me. The members are awesome and this has been an awesome area. We have two dinner invites for Thanksgiving and some other invites so it will be fun. I tried yesterday to try and organize some kind of football game or soccer for thursday morning but the leaders werent interested so we're going to go to a English wards game and try and take some less actives with us.

Things are going really good though and Im grateful to be from a family that farms and does a lot of different stuff. Being with my two new companions and other Elders here in the mission helps you see how grateful you are for the things you've done. Instead of wasting your time with computer games or video games or having some flea as a girlfriend you can do so many other things to spend your time. So thanks guys for being active and having fun lives. Have a good thanksgiving and keep up the good work. el amor de fily


mom if youre going to send packages, send em to the office address instead of my apartment. If you send em through UPS I have to travel all the way down to South Philly to pick up the package.

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