Friday, April 30, 2010

"Have I Done Any Good in the World Today"

Hola hola hola,

sounds like you guys are doing good and having a good time. the weather has been cold lately and ive been waking up freezing because we leave our windows open. its pretty nice today though. this past week was awesome. we had a lot of great opportunities and i have decided that "Have I done any good" Hymn is the theme of my life from now on. Serving others has no greater joy. i think when i get back im goin to buy a big truck and trailer so that if ever anyone needs help with whatever thing i can help them.

but so on last friday we helped an investigator move and we talked to the elders quorum and everyone the sunday before about who could come help and who could drive the uhaul. some people ignored us and others volunteered. we keep contact with those 2 who volunteered to help but then they dog us because one said he had to baby sit his son and the other because of school. so i made the decision that no matter what in life, you drop what youre diong and serve others and dont be a city slicker. so after much frustration and calling, i decided that me and my companion were just going to carry the stuff across town and someone would stop and help us, because she said it wasnt that much stuff.

so we show up on friday morning and we cant get anyone to come with us, go in look at the house and its a lot of stuff, so dont ever believe someone if they tell you they only have a couple things they really have a lot. so i give up on our plan of carrying the stuff across town. i call the zone leaders, then the assistants, then Pres. Murray to get permission to go rent the Uhaul myself and drive it. we talked it through and decided i couldnt. but he gave me the idea of calling someone old in the branch who could just i thought i had called everyone, but when he said old i thought of an older guy who is here with his wife and they had been out of town in Arizona at their house for two weeks so i didnt know if they were there. but i call him, he says he is in town and would love to come help. so we meet him by the train stop, walk over to the uhaul place and rent a uhaul. he pays for it too because hes a nice guy and has a little money. but so we end up moving the family and it took two trips in a box truck and we lifted a lot, couches, dressers, washer and dryer. all through this little row home house. it was great and we had a good time sweating away in the heat of the no air conditioned house. but after all was said and done we got them into their other house and they now are interested in the gospel and are coming to church on sunday. oh and the whole reason they couldnt rent a uhaul or drive is because theyre illegals and dont have a license. but man it was fun and realized that when we are in the service of our fellow brethen with our brethren we are 1. serving God, 2. strengthening our relationships with those we are working, 3. smiling.

But then on tuesday we had zone conference and it was great. it helped internalize my purpose as a missionary and im now motivated to do better.
So this week is going to be pretty good and our investigators are doing very well. i might not have a baptism while im here in Philly but they will be baptized sometime in the near future.

as for Mothers Day i dont know what we'll be doing as to when we'll talk but i think right now it would be best for us at around 1 or 2 my time and that way you dont have to worry about leaving church early or anything. and also dont plan on us talking for as long as we did on christmas. it will only be 40 minutes this time so i got one or two stories for you and then have some questions for me that you want to know.

thanks a bunch for sending my shoes and shorts i really appreciate it, i havent gotten them yet though, but thanks a bunch. also brooks watch out when you go to that quincinera because there could be lots of girls not dressed too good and a lot of alcohol. thats how it is over here in Philly but that'll be a good experience for you. you can brush up on your spanish. well thanks you guys for all you do and have a great week. i have some stuff i want to send you guys so i might be sending it to you this coming week for mothers day.

les quiero


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