Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's a Small World After All

So concerning this Sunday, i dont think we are going to have time to talk. i dont have any time to talk to you guys and the phones we have are running out of minutes so sorry but we'll have to wait until December ok? haha not really, chiste, ill call you guys at 8 or 9 o'clock my time so 5 or 6 your time. so dont worry about calling ill call you guys and the phone number is 267 242 7357.

but thats cool you guys are having winter weather over there. we have been burning up and sweating a lot. ill weigh myself in the morning and then at night ill weigh myself again and ill be about 4 pounds heavier with all the water we've been drinking.

it was a great past week and we had some sweet lessons with people. we had one of our investigators teach us about eternal families and then discuss how she and her boyfriend need to get married so that she can be baptized. then another lesson we brought an old member with us and he drives around in an electric wheel chair and doesnt speak spanish. but we took him with us and had to lift him up the 5 or 6 stairs into the house to have the lesson. it was a little dramatic getting him in there because hes really skinny and was worried we might drop him, but we got him in safe and sound. then we found a new investigator last week who we saw this tuesday and he doesnt believe in God. it was an interesting conversation and good to help him see all the good things that he has in his life after a lot of bad has happened.

then this sunday we had our own little sacrament meeting where i was the presiding authority and we only had 10 people show up because there was a marathon going on outside of the church on the main street. but it was an awesome sacrament meeting. we had two visitors who were white and didnt speak spanish and the crazy thing was it is a small world. the one guy showed up to the church hoping to go to the english services but didnt know they had a special meeting in a different town with a member of the 70. but he was from beaver utah and was out here for a medical conference. we got to talking and he was a goof. but i asked him if he knew the petersons cousin, i dont know if hes our cousin, tyler schena. he said he did and that he coached wrestling with him at the high school. so that was pretty cool
then the other visitors were a family from new york who were here for a conference also. they both were from boise and one graduated from centennial and the other from meridian. so it was funny talkin to them and seeing who we knew and stuff. i dont remember their last name but i didnt know them. the one who went to centennial lived by edna and ustick and his parents still live there. but it was a great sacrament meeting and even though there were spanish and english and me translating to english in the back, it worked out great and we had a good experience.

so things are going good and nothing crazy has happened lately, just we realizing that President Murray leaves pretty soon. July 4. but we'll talk on sunday and you'll see how i dont have a mexican accent, just a philly slur. so have a good rest of the week and recuerdan sus preguntas para que utilizemos nuestro tiempo sabioso. muchas gracias por su ayuda y amor. ustedes son la mejor familia que yo conozco. cuidanse


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