Thursday, April 22, 2010

"You Don't Look Hispanic, You Look Irish"

Hola hola hola,

Como estamos? sounds like you guys are doing good and staying busy. this past week was pretty good except for Sunday. we had a lot of member involvement and lessons but the people here are driving me nuts how they dont come to church. we only had 7 people at church on Sunday and it was pretty depressing after a lot of people told you they would come. but this week has been good. we have taught a lot of people but most of them work on Sundays. then we had exchanges in the district and i got to be with another missionary who has been out the same time as me and we've kinda been friends so it was fun learning from him and seeing other ways to things.

my new companion is pretty cool and all but still he doesnt talk very much and so its hard finding new people because i always feel like im talking and he's just in the background. things are going good though between us and hes getting more used to walking. his feet were killing him before and he was always tired but now he's getting more used to it. we had some tacos on monday that were interesting. they were pig stomach and they boiled the stomachs and then cut em up. it was chewy but with enough salsa and avacado it tasted ok. yesterday we got fed a ton. it was tacos again but steak and cactus and potatoes so it was pretty good.

the funny story for the week though is we were on the bus and it was packed so we were standing up in the middle isle. there was a mexican guy right next to me and so we started talking. a lady that was an old irish lady was sitting down right in-between the conversation just staring at me. as the man and i were talking, she grabbed the mexican guy and asked him if i spoke english. he said he didnt understand. but then she leaned towards me and asked with the slow loud pronunciation if i spoke english? I responded to her "no entiendo ingles." and then she said slowly again where are you from? I responded to her " Espana." She looked at me and then said slowly you dont look hispanic, you look irish. but she was amazed that i didnt speak english and how i looked so irish. so people got off the bus and me and the mexican guy walked back and sat down away from the lady laughing about how she believed i didnt speak english. after a minute talking to the guy, i went back up and apoligized to the lady and told her what we do and that i am from Idaho. she thought that was pretty cool and then we went our separate ways.

but things are going good and we are having a good in the warm weather. today we are going to try and find somewhere local and italian to eat but one of the english elders is not wanting to go outside his bubble of chili's or olive garden so we'll see what happens. i need you to send me my brown Nike running shoes. they got that bubble stuff on the bottom. i need those shoes for soccer and morning work outs. my shoes i have right now i still use even though theyre ripped but they are ripping even more and not really serving as shoes. also one pair of my basketball shorts or i guess one of brooks pairs since he probably took em all. thanks though i would really appreciate that. but mom i recall you said this year you wanted to work on family history more, and do 10 push ups a day. How you doing with those goals?

but let me know if you guys need anything alright. have you sent me back the memory card for my camera yet? we should switch soon cuz i got a lot of photos from here in South Philly. have a great week you guys and dont forget to read your scriptures. its gonna be a good week even if it is like ground hog day over and over. remember charity never faileth. adios.



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