Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sick of the City or April Fools?

Hola hola hola.
well sounds like you guys are doing pretty good and stayin busy. Dont you have spring break this week? whats up with you guys not doin anything? theyre having spring break over here this week and so its been great to teach those we teach with everyone there instead of just 2 or 3.

but this past week was pretty good, it wasnt great but it wasnt just good. we found some great new investigators and we prayed to find people who didnt work on sundays and we've found two this week so thats really good. but as for the members and the branch, we arent doing so good. we only had 5 people at church on sunday and the attitudes of the leaders are rough. its hard to get them to support us and help us as to coming out teaching with us, talking with the spanish members even when they dont understand much english, and just really helping out. this area has been the hardest thing ive ever done i think. with the lack of a base and all the difficulties and responsibility ive had to focus on these past months, ive had a hard time keeping a positive attitude. its just hard to keep going when you feel like theres no reason or effect to the work youre doing. we have interviews tomorrow with President Murray so im looking forward to talking with him and getting it all out. but i know that its a lot about our faith and i have tried focusing on faith more and really striving to show more faith but it just kills me on sundays when we go into meetings and the branch president and other leaders ask us oh so hows the spanish side? and i think well maybe you should know and be more involved with us, but they just dont. so this past sunday i told them why dont we have spanish members do this and why cant they come to this? and they agreed but we'll see how much of it goes into action.

Im just sick of the city and the people that live here are nice and all but the majority are just lazy and dont want to things out of the normal. its all girls drugs and beer. and im about sick of it.

But this weekend is conference and i am really looking forward to it. last conference was great and this one is going to be sweet i think. my companion and i predicted a temple in Ceder City so we'll see. but we have a baptismal date with one of our investigators and hes already read the Book of Mormon so he's prime. also we set a date for another investigator but then we tried coming back the next day as we planned to see what she thinks about it after praying, and shes ignored us so hopefully we see her before sunday. today we are going to go play basketball right next to Pats and Genos in this 70 degree weather so it will be fun. last time we showed the south philly ballers that these kids from out west can play. but all is well and we're doing good. its going to be a great next 3 days so i hope you guys have a good one and stay out of trouble.

i got the package you sent but i have to go pick it up so thank you so much. oh and i made some clam pasta and no one wanted to eat it. they were all grossed out by the clams and had to stick to their mac and cheese. but it was pretty good thanks. love you guys keep it up.

April fools


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