Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guaranteed Six More Weeks in Philly

Hey chicharrones como les va?

ya i know the weeks are flying by. ive been out 9 months already and another transfer is starting. im still here in south philly and elder glover is still my companion so i got 6 more weeks of hannah montana.

This past week was pretty good. nothing crazy happened but i did rip my shoes playing basketball last thursday so im gonna buy some new ones today. the whole front of my shoe ripped and it was like i was wearing a sandle. but we had an awesome sunday with 22 people at church and two investigators. it was crazy cuz we had to run out of sacrament meeting to go get our investigator, then i had to teach the gospel principles class, then we had to leave right after church and go up to do an emergency baptismal interview for the zone leaders. my companion was a little frustrated but it was good.

We have had a lot of great lessons this week and been teaching a lot with members. tonight we have a packed night and we are going on splits so it will be fun. we havent been able to ride our bikes though because we dont have helmets. but the weather has been really nice and we have only been wearing our suit jackets so thats good. but i got the package from the cornells youll have to tell them thanks a bunch for me. also i was walking the other day and saw this red dodge truck and thought of Dave Hessing. you need to tell that guy hello for me and tell him im not a mexican yet.

But things are going great. I have been studying a lot from the book of Mormon in the Book of Mormon and man he was a stud. he was such a great example to how we need to always keep pushing and never give up even when you feel like you have a lot of burdens. he was 16 and was in charge of the whole army of the nephites. he experienced failure at first but then kept going and never let up on the people that he loved so much even though they were making such bad decisions.
I love the ipod. i listen to it all the time and before i get into bed i always listen to Have I done any good in the world today? or A Childs Prayer. i think those two are my favorite himnos right now.

oh we also are priviliged to have Gladys Night coming here with her choir and they do a devotional all over the country for people. but we are going with some less actives to it on the 17 of this month. it is going to be pretty cool and all the wards and branches have a big part in it. we have tickets as a mission but you can only go if you are bringing someone. luckily we got someone to go with us so it will be awesome to see what happens. but i hope you all have a great week and take care of yourselves. thanks for all you do and dont ever eat chicharrones. you might want to start doing some extra push ups and sit ups brooks and blake to prepare yourselves. peace.


philly chase

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