Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awesome Week!

Hey Nielsons,

Que pasa amigos? man this week was awesome awesome awesome. but thats great to hear you guys are doing good and working hard. sounds like things are going good back in B-Town.

we had a great sunday and i felt so good and relieved afterward. It was fast Sunday you know and i had been fasting for this family to come to church who were less actives and used to be really strong. we saw them earlier in the week with the high priest group leader and had an ok lesson with them. we left it with things kind of in the air hoping they would hold to thier commitment of coming to church. also the high priest rambled on a little bit which made us lose a little bit of confidence in how our time their affected them. but so we get to church and one of the members asks about if the less active family is going to come. i told the brother(hes mexican by the way) i didnt think so because i had called them twice already that morning and they didnt answer. so sacrament meeting is going on and i had to translate for the branch president to spanish because he is Loa. but we're up there talking in front of the 16 people there and we're about reading to start the hymn for the sacrament and as i am in the process of telling everyone in spanish what he just said, the family walks in the chapel with these huge smiles and their faces are just glowing. i am shocked and stumble through the spanish to finish the sentence. then wait for him to say more, but as i am waiting i look at my companion and he's stoked, then i look at the family and they're all happy, then i look at the member we took with us earlier in the week to go see the family and he is smiling ear to ear. after that i couldnt hold my smile anymore. it felt like a pillar of love was surrounding me i just broke down and left the room. it was the most satisfying, fullness of love i have ever felt and i was just crying in the other room. my companion came out and was worrying what was going on, other members that were outside were asking what happened. but i just sat there and cried and it felt so good i cant describe or remember a time when i felt so fully satisfied or happy. The Lord answered our prayers and was there to help us. It was a great experience and i feel a whole lot better about the work we are doing now in South Philly. Things have always been going good and we are building the kingdom but i guess it was just slower than i had wanted and God will let things pass in His time.

Yesterday we did awesome though, we taught 8 lessons and 6 of them were with members so that was probably the most productive day ive had in this area. But also you probably saw the purchase i had of some new shoes. that was the dumbest decision ive made on my mission so far. i bought em and then felt bad for buying em. wore them once and then the next day tryed to take em back. they woulddnt take em so i guess its an alright investment because they will last me for 3 years if i take good care of em. things are going good though, i got nothing to complain about. we are improving a lot as a companionship and are talking to every hispanic we see so we have seen the fruits of talking to everyone with some awesome new investigators.

But you guys have a great week and take care of yourselves. dont be loving the warmer weather too much. its been nice here and we are anticipating taking off our suits in a couple weeks. love you guys, cuidense por favor y si quieren algo de fily ya saben que pueden escribirme lo que quieren. (I think this means that if we want anything from Philly, just write to him and let him know what we want in case he leaves in four weeks from now when the new transfer starts).

faith hope charity and love


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