Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gladys Knight and the Saints United Voices

hijos mios,

man this week was awesome. it really has been a fun week. our email addresses changed to this new myldsmail cite and so this new one is the right one but if people sent me emails through my old address they still come to the new one so all is well ( dont even worry about me not having clam juice, i bought some clams last week to prepare to make it. but unfortuneately i havent gotten it yet. (We sent him ingredients for clam pasta YUM!)

But this week was so awesome man. we finished the week strong with a lot of lessons and half were member involvement so that was great. then on tuesday we had zone conference and i had a great learning experience and it helped a lot. in zone conference our zone leaders thought it would be clever to have us wear the headphones and they translated everything people said in english to spanish. but they made me translate for about ten minutes of President Murrays instruction and it was rough. i hadnt really translated before and so it was good. but we really learned a lot through our instructions and practices.

we learned from President Murray about faith and i was thinking a lot about faith and what i believe in. then i thought about who has faith in me to do this work. i was thinking about my name tag and how it says Jesucristo but also it says Nielson. so i was thinking about how cool it is that Clead, Angus and other grandparents are there cheering me (and curtis) on. so i was wondering if you could send me a little bit of history or storys from the Nielson Schulberg side and the Wilson Hansen side, just a page or two that i could have more of a knowledge of who they were and appreciate their sacrifice more. thanks.

So then yesterday rolls around and in the morning i went up to north philly and did a baptismal interview for the other elders in my district. we went on a little exchange for about 2 hours and so me and Elder Woodbury, my last companion, went to the ladys house to do the interview. on the way there i started talking to some mexicans that were diggin up this cement with a jack hammer. i asked if i could try it and they were all for it. so i drilled two more holes and then the big piece of cement popped off. it was pretty fun you should get one for the farm dad.

then after waiting for the lady to show up we had the interview and it went really well. we left and then came back down to the south. after a quick break we went out and taught to quick lessons and in one of em my companion saw his first cockroach that was climbing on the wall and he disrupted the lesson a little bit.

but we left and on our way to go find someone from the past we saw these kids playing baseball and so i jumped in and it was called half ball. they play in the narrow street with a wooden broom stick and half a tennis ball. so i get up to bat and am thinkin im gonna show these younger kids whats up and how we do it in Idaho. so the kid throws the pitch and its horrible. then the second one comes and i swing pretty hard, right before i swing one kid yells "hold on to the bat," haha i wiff the ball and the bat goes flying out of my hands. its flys over these cars and lands about quarter of a block down. haha it was pretty funny and they were kinda worried i broke their bat. but we got out of there quick.

then later we went to GLADYS KNIGHT. we went with a less active member and his girl friend who isnt a member. she doesnt speak english but he does. but man it was such an awesome devotional. they sang so good. you should check it out on the web. Saints united voices, it was awesome and really felt the Spirit there. but our guests really enjoyed it and the atmosphere was great. we were on the 6 row back so it was great seating. but Gladys can sing man, she also bore her testimony and told her story of conversion it was pretty neat. but ya things are going great and i hope you guys keep workin hard and doing a great job. times flying. have a great week.

love you guys.


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