Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Big Stories This Week

hola viajeros,

thats crazy you all went. but really i would rather not go to mexico next summer. i dont want to think about it too much anyway but id much rather go camping somewhere. but thats cool you all are having a great time clear over there in europe.

i bet the people are way into the world cup. we are pretty into it over here and the people always talk to us about it. yesterday the united states won and when we'd talk to people they'd ask us if we were happy and we'd say ya why? theyd then respond because US won and it was a great game. i am slowly starting to like soccer a little more.

but this past week has been great. we have been teaching a lot of people and had some great learning experiences. i have learned a lot this past week in my personal studies about having a personal devotional every morning with Heavenly Father. I really enjoy studying the scriptures for a time and then secluding myself for a moment and praying. the days have been great because of that. It has been hot though and so its hard to stay energized and do the best you can.

but we found a great family that is from the Dominican Republic and they are really cool. we are going to teach them tonight. but i dont have any big stories to tell ya. just that in my old area in south Philly that is part of my district, the members are falling apart and the Elders down there are having a hard time together and working with the people when there isnt a foundation. its sad to hear about that when people choose to follow Satan and not follow God. they really are lost and cannot feel the greatness and warmth of the love of God.

Happy Fathers Day dad. for Fathers Day we had a little party at the church after church on Sunday. A lot of rice and beans and others food and then music and dessert. it was pretty good and the members are great.

things are going good though and i dont have anything to complain about. just maybe i might complain if i have to go to mexico a year from now. but enjoy your trip and have a good week.

cuidense alla con todos los alemanias que siempre estan borachos y jugando futbol.



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